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Adiasis is a quirky turn-based RPG that follows the story of Nia, a woman tasked with the mission of saving the world; and Noe, a man who doesn't quite understand what is going on.

Adiasis keeps battles interesting by featuring an active battle system that allows the player to avoid enemy attacks by correctly timing their button presses. On the way to the great evil you'll get to experience a world with a charming pixel art style inspired by the classic 16-bit era games.


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Amazing game! Really, it just made me astonished. Thank you for this amazing Game Development lesson! Any plans to make a full game or just another chapter of the game? I just need to play more! :)

Thank you for the kind words! I currently have no plans to turn this into a full game/make a sequel, but I do plan on using what I've learned from the creation of this game to eventually make a (hopefully) better game with similar mechanics.

Charming and funny!

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While short i enjoyed every second of it. Highlight being what seemed like a Jojo refference with the stone mask and stance xD. Great job even if it wasn't a reference lol.

It was a JoJo reference, glad that someone got it!

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Good game! I like the game's battle system, it's like a good mix of Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga and Persona 5's battle system. If you ever make this into a full game, I would definitely buy it!


It makes me very glad to hear that. Thank you!

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Keep up the great work!


hope full game.
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Fun game, reminds me a little of the Mario and Luigi series with the ability to dodge all attacks during combat. Dialogue was fun to read, battles were fun to learn the signals of what they would do (Final boss took a couple tries before getting the hang of the dodge timing. tick, tick, tick), and finding all the items was a fun experience.

While the game was short, the time I spent playing was enjoyable.

Haven't really tried doing a speedrun of an RPG before, but this was a fun one to do.

In the end, Artistic Liberties will be used.

Thank you! I was super happy to see you speedrun one of my games yet again, even though it was an RPG.