On the Road

On the Road is an 8-bit NES inspired game where almost everything is optional!  If you're skilled enough, you can just walk right up to the final boss and beat the game! Are you going to try to beat the final boss right away, or are you going to explore and power up first?


  • F4 = Fullscreen toggle

 - Gamepad:

  • Left Stick/D-Pad = Move
  • A = Dodge/Roll
  • B = Heal
  • X = Attack
  • Y = Place and activate bombs (Once you unlock them)
  • RT = Shoot
  • Menu = Pause

 - Mouse and Keyboard:

  • W/A/S/D = Move
  • Spacebar = Dodge/Roll
  • Shift = Heal
  • Left mouse button = Attack
  • E = Place and activate Bombs (Once you unlock them)
  • Right mouse button = Shoot
  • Enter = Pause

Development log


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Hahaha, awesome game.
Really laughed at the hiragana in the title「にほんごはなせません」(nihongo hanasemasen) ´´I Dont speak japanese´´

Heya! The game is great! It would be cool to be able to turn of leveling for an extra challange!

This was a pretty magical game. Great art direction,
definitely got that Zelda mixed with Momodora vibe.
The open world design is pretty rad,
being able to go anywhere gives a good feeling.

We had a lot of fun, definitely look forward to anything
that you may work on in the future. Cheers, Crepecroop.


Howdy Crepecroop,

This is a very fun game you've created. The gameplay is fun, I had a great time exploring the world looking for secrets, and the final boss was a fun fight both at the beginning of the game and after clearing both dungeons.

I haven't done much speedrunning of this game yet, but it has been enjoyable to see how fast I can beat the final boss when skipping everything else.

I wish you luck with any other games you might make in the future.

A few things of note:
1. For some unknown reason, the game always goes fullscreen whenever I enter a dungeon.
2. When speedrunning, it would be nice to easily start from the beginning from the main menu instead of refreshing the page.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed my game! I never imagined that anyone would care about my game enough to actually attempt speedrunning it. I just released a small update that hopefully fixed the problems you had with the game.

Yep, the problems have been fixed. Thanks

nice game