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cute little game, thanks for sharing. According to the screenshots looks like I missed an entire biome

This was a fun game to play!
I've enjoyed the mechanics that kept the combat fast and clean.
my only little nitpick is the long delay after the 3-hit combo, maybe the last hit should be more notable (stronger/bigger hit?) but other than that, I've really enjoyed it.

Very good game, as a fan of zeldas I enjoyed it. Recovering, rolling and shooting are well done mechanics and overall the game is enjoyable. Although I didn't like that you can't save the game and you have to start from scratch if you want to resume the game later

Honestly a great game overall! Sometimes can feel too hard with projectiles but this is definitely worth a try

That was a really fun game! My only complaint is that I wish it was longer.

Very cool game, I've enjoyed it!

Can you make for download for windows


it has a big problem, it is icredabily unoptimed, this should be able to run even on a NES but it cant even run on my laptop, my laptop is pretty bad, but not that bad that cant even run a NES game, I sincerely hope the developer optimise this, like render distance and make every thing pixel perfect.

So I decided to pick up speedrunning this game again and tried to do 100% which I defined as getting max level and upgrades and I think I did it. Here's the run: Let me know if I missed any upgrades since that would mean I didn't 100% the game.

Looks like you got all of the upgrades, nice job on the run!

Can you pls make the game downloadable, I have trouble playing on web

I love the Sans Undertale refrence

I did a speedrun where I did all the bosses, here it is: , I'm also going to do Any% soon. Here's a Speedrun. com link:

Just found this and I gotta say that woah, this is awesome!

i dont see a download link???

i managed to beat the game without becoming a better person. hooray?

Hahaha, awesome game.
Really laughed at the hiragana in the title「にほんごはなせません」(nihongo hanasemasen) ´´I Dont speak japanese´´

Heya! The game is great! It would be cool to be able to turn of leveling for an extra challange!


This was a pretty magical game. Great art direction,
definitely got that Zelda mixed with Momodora vibe.
The open world design is pretty rad,
being able to go anywhere gives a good feeling.

We had a lot of fun, definitely look forward to anything
that you may work on in the future. Cheers, Crepecroop.


Howdy Crepecroop,

This is a very fun game you've created. The gameplay is fun, I had a great time exploring the world looking for secrets, and the final boss was a fun fight both at the beginning of the game and after clearing both dungeons.

I haven't done much speedrunning of this game yet, but it has been enjoyable to see how fast I can beat the final boss when skipping everything else.

I wish you luck with any other games you might make in the future.

A few things of note:
1. For some unknown reason, the game always goes fullscreen whenever I enter a dungeon.
2. When speedrunning, it would be nice to easily start from the beginning from the main menu instead of refreshing the page.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed my game! I never imagined that anyone would care about my game enough to actually attempt speedrunning it. I just released a small update that hopefully fixed the problems you had with the game.

Yep, the problems have been fixed. Thanks

oh so I'm not the first

nice game