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If you mixed Persona, JoJo, and pixel art together, you'd get something like this and I hella dig it. 


I loved this game! It was fun i liked this style the music was amazing and i loved the humor! Heres my playthrough if you want to see! 


this is a fun game holy crap

short, but still fun

the blocking mechanic could have been better, but i think its forgiven by the jojo references 

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gamer programmer

Wonderful game! I really liked the blocking mechanic, although I found myself blocking both characters at the same time most of the time until one of the attacks punished me for that (which was good). Also, having some more contrast with some of the UI such as damage numbers would be nice since everything sort of blends in with the pink. The writing could also use some work although the humor at the credits was really funny. Overall great game with lots of potential and I look forward to the full release!

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback :)

I'm sorry, I was certainly looking forward to this game because from what i've seen it does look like it's been amazingly crafted... but i'm having so much trouble getting this game to function, I can't get my head around the control-configuration in the slightest, to start off. But whenever I boot the game I can't help but continuously walk to the left, even when i'm not pressing anything... and the buttons that are set for navigating the menus are confusing as hell, but that's not really as much as a problem as what I said earlier about constantly going to the left. I don't know what I can do really, i've fiddled around with the controls for way too long only to realise it's just a big mess. Could you maybe help out? Is it because i'm using a PS4 controller instead of the pictured Xbox one?

Sorry for the super late response! I didn't make the game with a PS4 controller in mind (didn't have one while I made the game) so I assume that is what is causing the issues... I'll definitely keep this in mind for my next project!

Here's my review! I want MOREEEEE.

Great game, remins me of Undertale. Usually I don't play JRPG, but dash mechanic makes it more dynamic.

BTW Nice Jojo reference.

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I was blown away when Adiasis hit me with that reference as though she used the time stop on me instead. It was a very neat touch of JoJo to the game I must say!

Anyways, the game is really well done for a one of a kind RPG that you can play and finish in as little as under half an hour! The art style is really cool, the gameplay is as engaging as it is interesting, and I encountered virtually no bugs throughout the game.

Overall Adiasis is an RPG game but with element creatively squeezed down into pocket size but still retaining an interesting experience for anybody who plays this game!

Would be interested to see what other games you will cook up in the future!

Much regard,

Random bored gamer from the other side of ZA WARUDO!

Great game, especially liked the music and graphics! Really got a persona vibe from it.

Just curious, what engine did you use to make this? I'm getting into the game-making process and was looking for a nice place to start. Thanks a ton.

Also, are you planning on expanding the game later on? I love these characters and the style in general.

Thank you! I’m not planning on continuing Adiasis, but I just started working on another game with similar mechanics. The engine I used was Unity, by the way.

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a great game with fully polished  Persona feel combat but has it's own uniqe mechanism. and IS THAT JOJO REFERENCE??

Yes. Yes it is :)

Such a good game, way too short though. Definitely waiting for your next games. Also, how can i get the music, to listen for myself without playing the game?

I just uploaded the music to my YouTube channel, you should be able to get to it by clicking on the trailer.

Nice graphics, nice sound effects, polished game. I just found the dodge to be hard to use since there's a delay between pressing the button and the actual dodge. And it seemed like sometimes the timing of it changed which made it unpredictable. Before Adias stops time, the timing of the dodge seemed longer than usual.

Hmm, that's weird. It definitely wasn't intended, at least. I'm definitely gonna have to keep those inconsistencies in mind for any future game I make. Thank you for the critique!

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Short video:

I love the game, it a nice difficult persona + mario and bowsers inside story. 

Timing is super important and you might die, a lot. :P ( unless your not bad like me )

And I also recommend everyone to play it themselves as the story is super funny. Gave me a nice chuckle.

Would love to see the characters in other situations one day. 


Thanks, it means a lot!

Made a video

Amazing game! Really, it just made me astonished. Thank you for this amazing Game Development lesson! Any plans to make a full game or just another chapter of the game? I just need to play more! :)

Thank you for the kind words! I currently have no plans to turn this into a full game/make a sequel, but I do plan on using what I've learned from the creation of this game to eventually make a (hopefully) better game with similar mechanics.

Please do, with all of the cool combat ideas, it would be a shame for it to go to waste.

Charming and funny!

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While short i enjoyed every second of it. Highlight being what seemed like a Jojo refference with the stone mask and stance xD. Great job even if it wasn't a reference lol.

It was a JoJo reference, glad that someone got it!

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Good game! I like the game's battle system, it's like a good mix of Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga and Persona 5's battle system. If you ever make this into a full game, I would definitely buy it!


It makes me very glad to hear that. Thank you!

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Keep up the great work!

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hope full game.
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Fun game, reminds me a little of the Mario and Luigi series with the ability to dodge all attacks during combat. Dialogue was fun to read, battles were fun to learn the signals of what they would do (Final boss took a couple tries before getting the hang of the dodge timing. tick, tick, tick), and finding all the items was a fun experience.

While the game was short, the time I spent playing was enjoyable.

Haven't really tried doing a speedrun of an RPG before, but this was a fun one to do.

In the end, Artistic Liberties will be used.

Thank you! I was super happy to see you speedrun one of my games yet again, even though it was an RPG.

is there a way to save the game?

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